Arnie's Upholstery
Arnie's Upholstery
Arnie's Upholstery

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​Presenting photo gallery of Before & After recovery jobs. 
Arnies Upholstery
Thanks to the Western Collective for the business. 

​Kurt, Thank you for your business !
Thanks Sue for your business !
​​Thanks Rhonda for your business.
Anna thanks for your kindness and your business !
Modern Hotel, Thanks for the business for so many years !
Margie, thanks for your business  and enjoy your new foam replaced sofa cushions !
Thanks Meg for your business !
Kevin thanks for the business.

​Elizabeth, it has always been a pleasure to do business with you throughout the years.  Thanks again !!!
Before reupholstering 
Completed job 

You can see more pictures of the finished pieces on the Arnies Upholstery page on Google.

Thanks Peterson Toyota  and Rich (service department manager)  for the business !